5 Best Fishing Rods by Lamiglas

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An American company that was established in the year 1949, Lamiglass has over 65 years of experience in the manufacturing of tournament tested and developed fishing rods and related accessories. In the early days, they relied solely on fiberglass composite materials for constructing their rod blanks. But they didn’t remain stagnant, they quickly adapted with the changing technologies and began experimenting with the different materials available in the market for innovative and functional, high performance fishing rods.

In the year 2016, they expanded their product range and the current one consists of more than 60 variations of the same with options to choose from for the rod material. This article reviews the company and its 5 of the best fishing rods on the performance parameters, specifications and features on offer.

Black Salt Fishing RodBlack Salt Fishing RodCheck Prices
Redline HS Series Spinning RodRedline HS Series Spinning RodCheck Prices
X-11 Salmon Steelhead Spinning RodX-11 Salmon Steelhead Spinning RodCheck Prices
LX 86MHC X-11 Series Spin Fishing RodLX 86MHC X-11 Series Spin Fishing RodCheck Prices
Lamiglas LX 96MS X-11 Series Fishing RodLX 96MS X-11 Series Spin Fishing RodCheck Prices

Black Salt Fishing Rod

Black Salt Fishing RodThe Sensitive yet powerful backbone feature of the Black Salt Series Fishing Rods allows the angler to go for the big catch every time without any hesitation. This is an ideal tackle for the people looking for an inshore fishing rod for catching stripers or bass. The flexible and agile tip of the rod makes this rod capable of communicating with the angler and enabling them with all the activities that is taking place below the surface of the water.


  • Length: 7’7’’
  • Piece: 2 piece
  • Action: Medium heavy
  • Line rating: 8 – 17
  • Lure rating: 3/8 – ¾
  • Handle material: Molded Graphite Grip


  • All Graphite construction for lightweight feel & smooth casting
  • Deep press guides from Pacific Bay
  • Handcrafted construction that offers great aesthetic value & long shelf life
  • Woven Graphite all weather handle for added grip, comfort and convenience
  • Spinning reel seats with comfort touch finish
  • Ideal for open water fishing and trolling


  • Single piece construction that poses hindrance in transportation

Redline HS Series Spinning Rod

Redline HS Series Spinning RodThe Redline series is made for the durability, versatility and action an angler looks for in an all spinning rod. The unique selling point of these products is that they are advanced pieces of equipment priced at a pocket friendly range. The sleek design bundled with the sensitive tip action all add up to the appeal for the same.


  • Length: 9’4’’
  • Price: 1 piece
  • Action: Medium heavy
  • Line rating: N/A
  • Lure rating: N/A
  • Handle material: Composite Graphite


  • Manufactured using state of the art technology and technique
  • Rod blank is made from Graphite composite material
  • Overall resin content in the rod blank is kept at a minimum
  • Compatible with various fishing techniques & casting styles
  • Handle bar is made from graphite composite material for added strength & durability
  • Great value for money


  • Not suitable for trolling

X-11 Salmon Steelhead Spinning Rod

X-11 Salmon Steelhead Spinning RodIt is an updated version from the older range of products offered from Lamiglass. The X – 11 has become the best seller for the company due to its inclusion of the more modern and efficient Graphite handles. The Graphite handles are preferred by the anglers due to the convenience offered by the same. The easy cleaning and the compatibility with the rod holders all allow the same to be preferred by many over other products.


  • Length: 8’6’’
  • Piece: 2 piece
  • Action: Moderate fast
  • Line rating: 12 – 25
  • Lure rating: ½ – 1 ½
  • Handle material: Cork


  • Robust built quality and made from best rated materials
  • Tested for performance and quality standards
  • Handcrafted for maximum finesse
  • Comes equipped with an exposed reel seat for maximum capacity


  • Limited manufacturer’s warranty

LX 86MHC X-11 Series Spin Fishing Rod

Similar to the steelhead series of spinning rods, these rods are also manuafactured using graphite. This makes LX 86MHC X-11 Series Spin Fishing Rodthe rods extremely light yet strong and sensitive. The accuracy of this series is remarkable and is vouched by many among the angling community.


  • Length: 8’6’’
  • Piece: 2 piece
  • Action: Medium Heavy
  • Line rating: 10 – 20
  • Lure rating: ¼ – 1
  • Handle material: Cork or Graphite molding


  • Quality controlled & handcrafted from premium grade Graphite composite material with minimum resin content
  • Tried & tested for tournament as well as professional conditions
  • Great aesthetic value
  • Sleek and tapered design
  • Great value for money
  • Pacific Bay guides & robust reel seat


  • Delicate rod tip

LX 96MS X-11 Series Spin Fishing Rod

Lamiglas LX 96MS X-11 Series Fishing RodThe X-11 rod series is developed for fishing salmon and steelheads. The same rod, due to its versatility could be used to fish sturgeon, carp and many other big game species. A sensitive yet strong rod with a parabolic casting capability allowed this particular rod to be included in the tackle of any modern day professional angler.


  • Length: 9’6’’
  • Piece: 2 piece
  • Action: Medium
  • Line rating: 8 – 12
  • Lure rating: ¼ – ¾
  • Handle material: Cork and Graphite molding


  • Handcrafted construction with minimum resin content in the Graphite composite rod blank
  • Best in class performance and parabolic action while casting line
  •  Great backbone strength
  • Tight & durable reel seats
  • Robust quality pacific bay guides
  • Glossy finish adds to the aesthetic value of the product
  • Lightweight, durable & offers great value for money


  • Not suitable for a windy day or waves


Lamiglass is a veteran in the fishing tackle manufacturing scenario. They are well known for their innovative products as well as expertise in binding experience, tradition with technology and innovation. They have been consistently experimenting with their new and existing products in the name of enhancing their performance according to the demands of the modern day angling communities.

All of the products covered in this article are winners in their respective areas, but if you are looking for a versatile, innovative and pocket friendly rod that suits your techniques and casting style, do opt for the LX 96MS X-11 Series Spin Fishing Rod, you won’t be disappointed.

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