Carbon fiber Telescopic Spin Fishing Rod

5 Best Fishing Rods by Generic

July 7, 2017 Jesse 0

Generic is a manufacturer of quality controlled and precisely engineered fishing rods and other related equipment. They provide their service to both the professional as […]


5 Best Fishing Rods by D.A.M.

July 5, 2017 Jesse 0

D.A.M is an abbreviated form of Deutsche Angelgeräte Manufaktur. The company is based in Germany and is involved in the manufacturing of high-quality rods, reels, […]

Berkley Rods

5 Best Fishing Rods by Berkley

June 21, 2017 Jesse 0

Berkley is a tackle manufacturing company, based in the United States. They involve extensive research and development in the production facility.  They have made this […]