Fishing Rods

Equipment and supplies used for fishing that comprises of a long pole incorporated with a line, guides etc. are called a Fishing rod. The line is wound up and stored in the reel attached to the pole. An angler reels in or lets out the line as per the requirement while casting.

Construction & Design

The rod is also equipped with a hook that is used by the fishermen to attach alive or dried up lure for attracting the catch. This hook is joined at the end of the fishing line, equipped with floats and vibrantly colored sinkers that facilitate visual tracking. In the early days, fishing equipment was made of wood, bone or simply a stick attached with a string and hook. But they lacked modern amenities like guides or the fishing reel.

Good fishing rods are usually made of carbon fiber or fiberglass and are mainly used for the recreational and competitive purpose. It comes in various shapes and sizes depending on the usage and type of catch. For casting artificial lines, baits and lures different types of rods are designed and developed that caters to the specific areas.

Types of Fishing Rods

  • Carbon Fiber Rods: Carbon fiber may have the advantage of strength over its counterpart fiberglass, but in terms of durability and flexibility, the latter steals the light. It is a stiff material and tends to break if not handled properly. Setting the disadvantage aside, carbon fiber allows the manufacturers to produce longer rods and prove to be good fishing equipment for any condition. Since carbon fiber is a light material, it also allows the anglers despite all the accessories attached to it, to go on fishing for longer hours.
  • Fly rods: These are flexible and thin rods designed for fly fishing and casting an artificial fly. These flies are manufactured using fur, feather or other light material. These fly fishing poles are generally made of split bamboo and other artificial composite materials like graphite-carbon etc. They are a variation of cheap fishing rods.The efficiency of the fly rod is dependent on the weather conditions, water movement, the size of the catch and the weight of the lure. These are very delicate in nature and require a great deal of care to last long.
  • Tenkara Rods: The rods used for Tenkara fishing technique in Japan are called Tenkara rods. This is a hybrid of a carbon, fly and telescopic rods and incorporates both the advantages and disadvantages. Tenkara rods are ultra-lightweight rods that extend to about 13 feet. Unlike the other types, Tenkara rods do not come equipped with guides and reels since it is a fixed line fishing technique.
  • IM/Modulus: IM is the trade name given to the particular type of fishing rod produced by the Hexcel Corporation. Mainly two types of rods are manufactured by the company i.e.  IM6 and IM7. Both the variations are similar in terms of functionality and the only difference is the quality of graphite that is being used as the raw material. Modulus is the term given to the stiffness of the graphite but is not applicable on the other specifications of the tackle. Therefore opting for an IM rod solely based on the modulus would be a mistake.
  • Spin and bait casting rods: Rods designed specifically to hold the reel in place are called Spin and Bait rods. Combined with small eyes and a forefinger trigger grip, they are similar to bait casting rods. These rods do not fall under any specific classification as the same can be used for different purpose and style of fishing.
  • Spinning rods: They are generally 5 to 8 feet in length and manufactured using fiberglass or graphite. The rods come equipped with PVC coated foam or cork handles, 5-8 guides under the poles to help in guiding the line. The eyes of the guides have different diameters that are arranged in an ascending order with the starting one being the biggest and the one at the end is the smallest. This allows the line to experience less friction while in use.
  • Ultra-light rods: These are rods used for smaller catches. The rods are shorter in length, light and agile. The intended use varies the tip action of the rods. These ultra-light poles are suitable for fishing trout and ideal as a bass fishing tackle.
  • Ice rods: Modern day ice rods are small fishing poles that range from 24 to 36 inches in length. Traditional ice rods are stiff and are typically made from wood with a carved contour for a handle and attached with an oppositely faced hook. These hooks find their preference mainly by those looking for fishing through holes in frozen lakes and water bodies. These are ideal for kid’s fishing rods and for beginners
  • Sea rods: Sea rods are specifically designed for deep sea or saltwater fishing. They are long and thick and come equipped with heavy tips, handles, and eyes.
  • Surf fishing rods: Surf rods resemble an oversized spinning reel rod with grips on an oversized handle that encourages usage of two hands. They are long, strong and durable when compared to the Sea rods.
  • Trolling rods: The fishing method of pulling the lure on the casted line and letting the same dragged along the water with the moving boat is called Trolling. Rods specifically designed for this purpose are called trolling rods. In the sports fishing industry, any rod that is durable and long enough to withstand the forces of a catch and dragging the same behind a moving vessel held on fishing rod holders is a Trolling rod. Trolling rods are the best fishing pole for sport and leisure fishing activities.
  • Telescopic rods: These rods are mainly designed to act as equipment of convenience for the angler due to their portable nature and prove to be a convenient fishing rod. They can collapse and extend to any desired length based on the requirement. They prove to be best as a traveling rod. Most of the telescopic rods are made from graphite or carbon fiber. Care should be taken in order to make the roads last long and avoiding storage of the same in fishing rod case is advised. Excessive of whipping and flinging action should be avoided.

A number of brands offer a different variety of poles and it is best to go through online as well as offline reviews before buying one.